About Us.

M2R Technomations is an electronics and hardware based start-up where we automate electronic and electrical devices for a fluid life with a vision to spread technology in each and every corner of the country and be made easily accessible and even more easy to use. We provide quality driven tailor made solutions to the clients.

In June, 2015, we began our journey to showcase our capabilities in electronics, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things in Indian Market in order to decrease the dependency of Indian Vendors for technology Advancement and Development on Chinese or other country markets. “Our Current traction is Based on Services and Solutions development in Embedded system, Internet of Things and PCB designing.”

In 2018, M2R Technomations merged with a group of companies and incorporated as M2R Technomations LLP by adding new domains like RPA, AI/ML in its feather.


Other Services


Robotic Process Automation

Robot process automation (RPA) is the application of technology that provides an organisation a digital workforce. We develop artificially intelligent chatbot for customer engagement and sales. We can automate your existing software to provide a digital speed to your business


Customized Embedded Solutions

We are one-stop solution provider for embedded product engineering and development. we provide quality driven tailor made solution in the field of embedded system as well as Internet of things.


Internet Of Things Services & Solutions

Internet of Things is a technology where electronic devices are connected in some way either to a smartphone/tablet or to the cloud/remote server. The device measures data through its sensors and sends it to a smartphone/tablet or cloud for further processing or control actions. "Anything that can be connected will be connected"


PCB Designing

We can also offer PCB layout designing & prototyping as a standalone service in order to build a customized product or to convert any existing schematic diagrams that you might have already designed into fully assembled prototypes.



This involves in-house R&D to identify and propose a solution to customer based on customer’s requirements. We develop prototypes which are as reliable as working products. We help our customers engineering teams to identify and use latest technologies in their products. We contribute at whole product development as well as sub-system development


Market Segment

We have entered the market by selling our products in B2B market segment to the well established tech and marketing companies. Our customer base includes a broad range of embedded vertical markets such as Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Education, Electronics Design & Manufacturing, Energy, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Medical Devices, Military, Semiconductor and Telecom.

IT Sector

Automation & Manufacturing

Educational institutions

Healthcare & life sciences

Real Estate

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